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Chapter 2- One Step After the Other

Amilie walked down the dirt path, looking at the map. She sighed to herself, realizing how far away her home was from everything else. "This town is so far out from everyone...It's going to take at least a day of walking, just to get out of the forest alone." She sighed again and looked around at the trees. She felt alone, in such a big place "At least this path is marked on the map. Dad must have done it when he was young and would go on adventures."  Amilie smiled fondly at the thought of hir writing out secret routes and paths. She remembered when her father gave her these books.

"Okay Ami, let's set up your books in the book shelves." A younger version of Amilie's father stood before a small, red haired girl in a freshly made tree house. It was small and made for one person. It was carved from a large blue windelow tree, the leaves hiding the door. Damien had a large box in his hands, and a charming smile on his lips.

"My books?"Amilie looked up at her father with large, curious eyes, asking what he meant. She didn't understand what he meant by her books. Amilie didn't read much, or have her own set of books. She just turned 5, and was never really into studying, or reading.
Her father nodded and pulled out a book. out from the box. It was fat, and old. Amilie walked over excitedly and grabbed it, grunting at the weight. It was so heavy for her that she could barely carry it with two hands. She read what was on the cover. "Maap offf AAreendiee" Her childish voice read off the cover. "What's this?" She asked her father.

"It's a map of the whole world. Here's a map of the island where we live. The maps get more and more specific to the area as you flip through. It's very useful when you are going somewhere far away." He said kindly, taking the book back and putting it on her new book shelf. He continued to explain each book as he put it on the shelf. </i>

Amilie thought of the good days of her childhood, or what she could really remember. She let the memories help her to sleep at night. She thought of her father as she walked the long, three day journey to the closest town. Each time she thought about her past, she couldn't remember certain things. Like, there were spaces missing in her memory. But Amilie didn't think much of it. She was 19 as of yesterday, and her childhood was a far way away from the present. It's normal for memories to become faded and lost.

Amilie was standing at the entrance to Arkine, a sea faring town on the coast of the Island. It took her four days to walk there, but she made it in one piece. She was nervous because this was her first time really traveling somewhere big. Not to mention so busy. There were people everywhere, doing various things. Most of the people were selling fish and other foods. There were people everywhere, doing various things. Most of them were selling their good, hand made jewels and clothes, others were selling food.

"I should re-stock my food supply. I don't want to run out." Amilie mumbled to herself, holding tight to her back-pack strap and took her first step into the town. She walked around, frowning as she read the prices of the goods. "Everything is so expensive here. " She grumbled, and walked to an alley way to look at her money. Amilie had some money, but not much. She doesn't know how long it has to last her, so she was hesitant to spend what she had. She sighed, not being used to not getting what she wanted or needed when she needed or wanted it.

"I don't have time to stay long enough for a job. I need money to get on the boat." she muttered to herself and decided to catch her own food. "It would be cheaper that way. " Before Amilie was about to walk off, someone grabbed her arm and pulled her in the opposite direction. Her adrenaline immediately kicked in, but before she could chant a spell, she got a look at the man who stopped her. It was an elderly man, with a kind smile.

"Come this way, you look lost girl, I can refresh your supplies, come to my shop. " There was a determined glint in his eyes. That scared Amilie, a lot. The man tugged on her arm again. She stumbled forward a bit and yelped.

"I don't know who you are, or where you even plan to take me. Why should I follow a complete stranger?!" Amilie yelled, trying not to show how scared she really was. If there was one thing her father told her to remember when she was in dangerous situations, it was to not show fear. Fear makes you prey. Amilie's purple eyes began to glow a brilliant blue in her anger. The wind picked up and the store owner noticed her lips moving. People all around stopped to look at her as her hair floated up, and her eyes glowed.

She was about to unleash her spell when a young dark haired man grabbed his shoulder. "Gramps, you need to let her go. That's no way to get customers. Ma'am, please calm down. He meant no harm." His voice was deep and calming. Amilie blushed and stopped her chanting. The wind died down slowly and Amilie eyed him nervously. He chuckled, his aura relaxed. She calmed down even more. "Come, let me make it up to you. The shop is that little knick knack shop right there." He pointed to a small shop in bedded into a building right on the corner of the street.

Amilie nodded, "I could use some directions." He smiled and nodded. The young man's grandfather grinned turned to walk to the store a head of them. The younger of the men motioned for Amilie to go ahead. His smile charmed her and she noticed that his face was very elegantly chiseled and his ears were pointed. She gasped and blushed. This caught his attention and he gave her a confused look.

"What's wrong miss?" He straightened up from his charming bow. She shook her head and walked a head of him, blushing darkly. She felt so embarrassed, but when she realized he was an elf, she couldn't hold herself back. She has heard stories from her father about the Elves and other races. Her favorite were always of the elves of the forest.

There was a chuckle from behind her and she looked back. He was behind her, smirking. She looked forward and walked through the door. "What got you so flustered…Hmmm, I don't believe I know your name Miss…" His velvety voice made her blush more, but she did her best to keep it back.

"Well, you haven't given yours either." She challenged, looking at him sternly. "And your grandfather attacked me, so it's only fair you tell me who you are first." He looked taken aback by her forwardness. His eyes going wider before he smiled again.

"Very well, my name if Elros Cerebrindal.  What's yours?" His eyes burned with curiosity and his lips were placed in a smirk on his face. Amilie blushed a bit and sighed.
"My name is Amilie Manson….may I ask on more question?" She blushed a bit more, her heart racing. She shifted and held onto her back pack straps tightly. Something told her she was right. He was an Elf, a very handsome one at that.

"Sure, what is it Amilie?" He countered, raising a dark, thin eyebrow at her.
"Are you an Elf?" She asked plainly, and it was a bit anti-climactic. She didn't let her cheeks get any redder then they were. Yet Elros let out a loud laugh. He doubled over, holding his midsection from the force of his laughter. She huffed and pouted. "Am I wrong?" She asked annoyed.

"No, no..It…It's just that you asked." He calmed down and straightened up again. He was grinning again. "It's not every day that someone is so enthusiastic to meet a mere elf." Amilie couldn't stop the fire from engulfing her cheeks.

"Mere Elf? I've heard of no such thing…..Everything I've read has shown Elves being great and magical." She looked him in the eye and noticed how pale his blue eyes were. They looked lost and they wouldn't focus on her. She felt pure sadness, and a hint of anger wash over her. She was feeling his feelings and it made her step back a bit and look away. Amilie had never felt such a sad pain before now.

"I am but a mere Elf, I have no magic, and my family lineage is of this small shop." He mumbled, frowning.  Amilie frowned and shook her head in disbelief. She was trying to black out his feelings. They were still so strong, but the sadness had changed to anger. Then Elros' grandfather walked into the room. He was holding a large, old book. It was leather bound, but there were cracks in the binding, and the book was a faded brown color. It had a beautiful golden tree design on the cover, and the title was written in Elvish.

"Our family was once very noble among the Elves of the northern forests. The Cerebrindal family was known throughout the world. That was until everything was stolen away by the goblins from the mountains. We were at war with them some long, long years ago. Our family are scattered now, and no longer live in the large forest homes we used to. No one remembers the Cerebrindal family, the rightful line of kings." He held tighter to the book as he spoke angrily. His voice was accented with something Amilie couldn't recognize. She assumed it was Elvish, but she couldn't be sure. The old man's pale eyes grew dark and it scared Amilie a bit. Elros must have sensed her fright because he calmed his grandfather down by placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Gramps that was a very long time ago. Over 1000 years ago. You shouldn't stress on what we can't change." He sighed and looked deeply into his grandfather's eyes.  She watched them, biting her lip. She felt bad for bringing it up.

"I'm sorry, you are the first pair of Elves I've ever met…I didn't mean to make a fuss. If you would point me in the direction of the harbor, I can get out of your way." Her voice was soft and apologetic. They both looked at her at the same time. Elros smiled at her, and she blushed. Something about him made her heart flutter. She didn't like it, the feeling she didn't quite understand. But the room had calmed, yet she couldn't breath a sigh of relief.

"Don't be silly, Amilie. It's fine, my grandfather can't give up on the past is all." His smile wavered slightly and her heart panged again. It was her own empathy for him. He looked so lost, those eyes had seen something terrible before. She idly wondered what it was. She barely noticed he was talking to her. He had been trying to explain how it didn't matter, but when he noticed Amilie wasn't paying attention, he started calling her name.

She looked up at him her eyes foggy with tears, that she didn't know were there in the first place. "What? I'm sorry I-

He cut her off, reaching over to cup her cheek and wipe away a tear. His body stiffened and his eyes glazed over. She watched curiously, and after a few minutes of his hand on her cheek, that was slowly getting colder and colder, she tugged on his shirt. "Elros? Elros, are you okay? What's wrong?"

He snapped out of it with a shake of his head. He staggered backward and Amilie was thoroughly confused. She didn't see anything happen, and all she knows is his spirit was in distress. Elros' grandfather had grabbed him by the shoulders and was whispering to Elros in Elvish. She couldn't understand them, but the feelings floating around the room were intense, and she couldn't understand them all. She held her head and groaned. "I-I'M sorry, I didn't mean to cause trouble. I will leave." She turned to go, but someone grabbed her hand. It was warm and smooth and her head pulsed with a rush of blood.

"Amilie, wait….May I ask something?" It was Elros, he sounded okay now. She nodded, not wanting to look back at him because she was trying to focus on ignoring the spirit and emotions in the room. He squeezed her hand. "Where are you going? And If I can ask this….Why have you come here?"

She didn't know wheather to lie, or to tell them the truth. She decided to lie, because she didn't want them to know she was chased out of her home because she was accused of murder. "My parents died, and I wanted to explore the world." She mumbled, her head stopping the swirling feeling, so she could think better. Elros let her go and watched her.

"I'm sorry to hear that, but if you are just traveling, I have a request of you. You are a smart girl, and I want to know if you would travel to the mountains and help me claim the throne once again. I am the next rightful heir of the throne in the halls of the forest elves. My grandfather and I have been looking for a traveler to help us get home again."
This is my short story for my creative writing class.

She is framed for murder, and she Doesn't remember anything. Nothing. She was exiled from her home. Amilie Manson doesn't remember what happened, for all she knows, she could have actually killed her family. On the flip-side, there could still be a murderer among her friends. She is journeying to seek the truth. She doesn't know where she's going, but knows what she's looking for. A seer, someone who can tell her what she can't see. Amilie will have to look hard for a Seer, because they are a rare race of spell user.

Chapter 1- [link]
Chapter 2- You Are Here
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And that's all i have so far
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